Usually we "" ships all orders within 24-48 hours but in some cases your order may be delay due to non-stock or bad weather conditions. Also if you order heavy weighted product like dish antenna then we may take 3-5 days for shipping and 15-20 days for delivery.

We ships order by using Indian speed post / Maruti Air couriers. Once order will be ship, you will be informing by email with courier tracking information. We will ship as per service availability, we can not accept your customer choice on courier services.

Delivery Time:

Usually our all orders deliver within 5-7 business days. But in some locations this time may be 10-15 days due to service area. For Heavy weighted orders you have to weight till 15-20 days or more. You can wait or can keep in touch with our customer service for real status of your order.

We can use any courier for your area as per service availability, we cannot accept request for other couriers.

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