SOLID C-Band TI-Filter LNBF - Best for Terrestrial Interface

SOLID C-Band TI-Filter LNBF - Best for Terrestrial Interface

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    Product Code: 82155R

    SOLID 82155R C-Band TI-Filter LNBF

    This C-Band LNB is best if you are facing problem of signal fluctuations. Some time near by mobile towers create terrestrial interface in c-band signals, if you have same problem then this LNBF is best for you.

    Technical Specifications:

    Input - 3.7-4.2 GHz

    LO Freq.: 5.150 GHz

    Stability: +/-250KHz

    Gain: 62dB (Type)

    Temp: 15K

    DC Input: +15V to +24V

    Warantee: There is no warranty in LNB, Switches, and Satellite dB meters.

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