Solid 4-Way Splitter

Solid 4-Way Splitter

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Solid 4-Way Splitter


  • Zinc Die-cast housing, nickel-plated
  • Easy installation with two edge hole sites
  • Screening factor: 5-2400 MHz >100dB
  • Low insertion loss
  • High insloation
  • Perfect performance index
  • Designed for SATV/CATV Power passing 24V 0.8A (MAX.)
  • All ports F-(f) connector, 75 Ohm


This 4 Way splitter easy to use with Cable TV distribution, All 4 ports are power pass with 1 input. You can also use LNB signal distribution in multi Set-top box connection but you can use only H or V at same time. You can not use both H/V at same time.


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